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The Spirits Damage Calculator is my most recent page. It is currently in beta so don't expect everything to be perfect. It might be awhile before my next page but I can assure you the wait is worth it!

Large Competitive Amiibo Discord Servers

  • USAC [Vanilla/Bin]
  • Exion [Vanilla/Bin]
  • SUAL [Vanilla/Arena]
  • AFC [Spirit/Arena]
  • EAX [Spirit/Arena]

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About Me

My Profile Picture - Shocked Pikachu from Pokemon Mystery Dungeons

Hello all! My tag is MiDe. I'm a retired competitive amiibo trainer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I'm currently a developer for Amiibots. My most notable amiibo are:

  • Musket [Lucina] - ★★★
    • Originator of Musket Method
    • Titan of The Early Metagame
  • Depression [Olimar] - ❂✯✯★★
    • Former Top 15 ranked amiibo
    • Winner of SUAL Invitational Season 2
  • Stone Cold [Incineroar] - ❂✯★
    • Former #1 ranked amiibo
    • Current #1 non-edited rated amiibo on spirit amiibots
  • DESTINED [Sheik] - ★★
    • First Sheik to get a ranked full star win
    • Won a B tier and below tourney while thought to be in D tier

I have also developed several tools for amiibo, like this website. I also run a Youtube Channel where I occasionally post amiibo content.

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Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or if you just wanted to say hi.